About Us

Founder and Director

Andrew Slack of Bethany Homes

I was born in Kankakee Illinois where I lived until I was 5 years old.  My Dad was transferred to a new job in Louisville Kentucky.  I lived in Louisville until I was 10 years old and moved to Jamestown, NC which is where I lived and grew up until leaving for college.  It is a small town in between Greensboro and High Point NC.

In our house in Jamestown, I spent many nights and weekends designing and helping my Dad finish our basement.  My Dad was a “do it yourself” guy and we enjoyed working together.  I took an assertive role and would take the lead on the job at an early age.  My dad would listen and allow me to figure things out on my own.  It was around 12 years old that I found that I had a lot of patience in figuring out how things work or how building worked.  I had a natural passion to learn the ins and outs of construction at this early age and loved working.  I would check out books from the library to learn about electricity, framing, drywall, etc.  The information wasn’t just a click away back then!  I always enjoyed building something with my Dad or doing projects such as fences or decks for my parents or family friends.  I always played baseball and had a strong passion for baseball and played catcher position from 4 years old until the 8th grade.

I went to high school at Ragsdale High School in Jamestown, NC and played football my freshman year.  I enjoyed football and wanted to get better so I joined the wrestling team in order to stay in shape for football and baseball.  Wrestling changed my life and taught me how the values of setting goals to achieve your dreams by being persistent, working hard, always learning and having discipline.  I was able to make the Varsity spot at 125 lbs. as a first year wrestler my freshman year of high school which was very exciting to me at the time.  I won the first tournament that I wrestled and became determined to be a state champion.  Wrestling soon became my top priority.  I qualified for the NC State Tournament my freshman year.  The next year I decided that I wanted to be the first 3 time State Champion at Ragsdale but fell short by losing in the State Finals to a guy that I had beat the weekend before by 15 points.  That was a tough, but motiviating loss for me.

I had excellent high school wrestling coaches, Andy Chapel, Tim Ellenburger, Tee Dean, Mike Kendall.  These guys made a huge impact on me and helped me develop the mental toughness that has helped me with my business today.  I went on to win the State Championship the following two years and was recruited to wrestle at UNC Chapel Hill.

I enjoyed my time at UNC.  Division I college wrestling was a much higher level than high school and most guys in college usually are or become a solid wrestler.  I was able to make the starting lineup several years at UNC and learned a lot, finished 2nd in the ACC Tournament my senior year.  Wrestling is a tough sport and teaches young men great values, discipline and work ethics that transfer to the rest of your life.  I value my time there with the team and the relationships I made with teammates and coaches.

My second year of college, I was blessed by God to meet the love of my life.  One of my best friends went to NC State and it was through him that I met Bethany.  It was love at first site the first night we met.  Bethany was the most pure, honest and smartest woman I had ever met.  She studied engineering and NCSU.  We married after I graduated from college in 2004.  We purchased our first home soon after, Bethany was already working, I hadn’t a job yet so I was able to renovate the entire house myself.  I wanted to do this full time because this is what I loved doing but it isn’t always practical to just jump into business for yourself without any momentum so I decided it would be best to try to learn as much as I could about the building business.

My first job out of college was working for the DEWALT brand of Black and Decker a sales rep. in local Home Depot stores.  I liked this job because I was still able to be close to the industry I loved but knew that I wanted to figure out how to build houses.  I worked for Dewalt for several years and then moved on to several other sales jobs selling products to construction companies.  I set out to learn all I could about residential construction while also selling materials to my customers.  This was invaluable for me because I was able to see how the smallest builders and how the largest builders ran their businesses. 

Bethany was working as a professional engineer and soon were able to save enough money so that I would become eligible to take the General Contractor exam in 2006.  In 2007 Bethany Homes was created and we were able to get a loan from the bank to build our first house.  The house was a hit and we were able to get a presale to build the same house again and begin building in a neighborhood.  Bethany was able to keep working for a while which allowed me to take the plunge to start building full time and pursue my passion.  Things progressed quickly and we were building an average of 2-3 custom homes per year and also working on renovations and additions.  I would run the operations of the business but Bethany has always been the backbone of the business.

In 2010, God blessed us with our first daughter, Austyn Faith Slack.  We started attending Grace Church in Chapel Hill in 2011 and it was life changing for me.  I soon realized that my priorities were out of line and needed to put God first in my life and put family before the business.  I was learning so much and loved going to church.  I soon started working less hours.  We have since been blessed with 3 more boys.  Luke Mason was born in 2012, James Andrew was born in 2015 and Patrick Tyler was born in 2019.  We are very thankful for the life that we have and allowing God to provide and to work in us everyday.

Mission and Vision

Our mission, as a premier builder in the Chapel Hill and surrounding Triangle ara, is to build and remodel exceptional homes with the highest level of quality for a great value. We strive tomaintain a reputation for the utmost level of integrity, honesty, and fairness with our customers and business associates. It is our mission to earn repeat and referral business by achieving customer satisfaction in all areas including attention to details, timeliness, communication and service. Bethany Homes is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Every home built or remodel is an accomplishment Andrew and Bethany take great pride in -- pride they continue to build on every day.


Meet the Team

Andrew Slack

Director of Bethany Homes

Andrew Slack has an Unlimited General Contractor License in North Carolina. After graduating college from UNC Chapel Hill, Andrew worked for several companies before we was able to start Bethany Homes in 2007. Andrew has years of building experience and worked on a wide range of projects that has given him a great deal of experience and develop his skills. Andrew is passionate about building and sincerely loves helping clients turn their dreams into reality. His passion is evident in the quality of work Bethany Homes produces. Andrew is also extremely passionate about his family and church.

Bethany Slack

Administration / Decision Maker

Bethany Slack oversees the administration duties for Bethany Homes as well as taking part in making decisions. Bethany graduated from North Carolina State University in 2003 with a degree in engineering. Bethany obtained her Professional Engineering License in 2006 and continues to hold it. Bethany worked as a Civil Engineer specializing in site development and storm water design until 2011. She then began working full time for Bethany Homes wearing many different hats. Today Bethany's primary job is raising their 4 children who she loves dearly but still plays a vital role in the business. Bethany is the backbone of Bethany Homes and shares the vision and upholds the company values.

Armando Zavala Jr.

Site Foreman

Armando joined Bethany Homes in 2017 and is a site foreman. Armando is from Warrenton, North Carolina and attended Liberty University for two years. Armando oversees the on site activity and is liason between contractors, clients and management. Armando is a hard worker who will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that the work is being performed up to Bethany Homes standards. Bethany Homes is fortunate to have Armando.

Core Values

Enthusiasm and Passion


Solution Based Building


Open Communication

Working as a Family

Why Choose Us

Selecting the right contractor perfectly fitted to meet your needs is important. Invest your time and money wisely and contract with a licensed and insured builder that is properly equipped to manage and construct your home building project. A custom home built right can leave a legacy of love and family for generations to come. For that reason, do not be afraid or intimidated to ask questions and expect a direct answer. We welcome questions from our clients on our process, qualifications, and history. Our commitment to our customers beyond quality is honesty and integrity in everything we do.