Why Choose Us

Selecting the right contractor perfectly fitted to meet your needs is important. Invest your time and money wisely and contract with a licensed and insured builder that is properly equipped to manage and construct your home building project. A custom home built right can leave a legacy of love and family for generations to come. For that reason, do not be afraid or intimidated to ask questions and expect a direct answer. We welcome questions from our clients on our process, qualifications, and history. Our commitment to our customers beyond quality is honesty and integrity in everything we do.

The cost of building a custom home can vary upon the type of design and size of the project. A knowledgeable building contractor should be able to meet your budgetary needs or communicate otherwise. It is crucial your home builder be aboveboard, honest and open, as steward of your money. Builders that are transparent and communicate clear are best for a successful client-contractor relationship. Additionally, building trust with your homebuilder will lessen the stress and tension that often associated with your new home build, renovation or addition.


Trust is an essential prerequisite for effective communication, and there can be no trust without a feeling of authenticity, cooperation and responsibility among employees, managers, and clients. Gaining and keeping our clients trust is top priority. We also us only reliable and trustworthy sub-contractors. We can assure you that we know who is working on your home.


Communication is important in all of our relationships with our clients. Effective communication will reduce concerns and stress before, during, and after the build process. We have developed systems over the years with many clients to effectively communicate and encourage your questions and provide prompt answers. Keeping you informed throughout every stage of your journey is critical for you to have a positive experience. We will commit to scheduled meetings and keep you updated on the progress of the project.

Family Values

We are a family owned and operated building company. We bring family values and a very personal approach to all elements of our work together. We will personally guide you throughout the whole process of your project from design to completion.


You will have personal access to our project management software 24/7. This will allow you to have constant information and updates on the progress of your project in real time.


We offer our Iron Bethany Homes Guarantee to provide you ultimate peace of mind during your build.

Fixed Price Quote

Our quotes have no hidden surprises. We will provide you with a fixed price that will not change unless you change your mind. We can assure you that the price we quote you is what you will pay.